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The Best of the Beers: Galena Brewing Company – Starting Point Brewing Equipment

The Best of the Beers: Galena Brewing Company

Recently, Shane and I took a little weekend trip to the Galena/Dubuque area and naturally when we’re out anywhere new, we look for a local brewery to sample. Galena has its own brewery, aptly named Galena Brewing Company, located in the heart of the town so we decided to pop in IMG_7621after a long day outdoors for a refreshing beer or two (or six, in the case of my flight) and a little something to eat.

The brewery set up itself was fairly small but size has nothing to do with taste. From the first beer to the last, Shane and I enjoyed each and every one of them. I ordered the seasonal flight which included: Phuzani (American Pale Ale), Edler Wit (Witbier), Smokin’ Oak (Gratzer), Warp Rider (Berliner Weisse), Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest), Espresso-Oat Coffee Porter (Porter).

I truly enjoyed all six of these beers with the Phuzani, Elder Wit, and Warp Rider standing out. Shane also ordered full pints of Elder Wit, Warp Rider, and Fevre River (hefeweizen) dubbing them some of the best craft beers he’s had in the past sixIMG_7624
months, and I fully agree! Every beer tasted exceptionally fresh and flavorful (one of the many reasons I love visiting breweries and drinking “straight from the source”) and they were deliciously crisp as well. I even enjoyed the Smokin’ Oak which is surprising since I’m not a huge fan of smoked beers!

The stand out for me, though, was the Espress-Oat. I don’t drink a lot of porters but I was just in heaven with this one. It honestly tasted like I was drinking coffee or espresso and it was the perfect way to round out my meal. (The Oktoberfest was originally set up as the last beer in my flight but I switched it around with the porter to have that be my last instead.) It was absolutely delicious and instantly became my favorite porter to date.

If you’re looking to visit the brewery, the food was really great as well! We ordered the chicken wings and the Hefe Lime Nachos — both of which were delicious! Everything is baked — not fried or grilled — so we were a bit concerned about that at first but the food really was very good.

Whether you’re stopping in or passing through, if you’re in the area where Galena Brewing Company beer is sold, I highly recommend checking them out! If we head back into that area, I’m definitely making another stop so I can try even more of the beer that they have available!

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